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Our products GardenZone and GardenBase are web based garden management software. They assist in the design, planning maintenance of your garden projects and tasks.

GardenBase : Landscape Design App

Structured garden design. Helping create great gardens.

GardenBase Garden Design Software
  •   Analyse your garden requirements
  •   Create a plant list
  •   Upload images
  •   Create a mood board
  •   Manage garden projects
  •   Print Reports

The GardenZone Garden Manager

So you can get more out of your time in the garden.

GardenZone Garden Manager
  • Create a garden diary
  • Upload images
  • Record garden issues
  • Define your garden areas
  • Create a plant list
  • Plan plant production
  • Record production batches.
  • Review production performance.
  • Record plant and animal sightings in your garden.
  • Record pest sightings and captures.

GardenZone Online Plant Store

We sell a wide range of starter plants to the New Zealand public through our online presence (plant-man) on TradeMe. These include both native and exotic plants such as buxus, hedging sasanqua camellia and clivia.

Click the link below to see our current availability.


GardenBase : Landscape Design Process.

There are three stages in the landscape design process used in the GardenBase landscape software application. Landscape Project Planning Landscape Design Implementation Planning Phase This phase is where you decide the objectives and design framework for the garden landscape project  This is a process of analysis where the goals of the gardener/designer for the garden project are developed …


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