25 x Soleirolia soleirolii, Baby Tears, Tiny White flowers, ground cover.


20 x Liriope muscari Stripey White

Liriope muscari Stripey White has white/green striped leaves

The plant has a clumping habit looks great planted on mass.

In summer has spikes of purple flowers.

Likes best a well drained soil and can grow and partial shade. Tolerates frost and coastal conditions with minimal care required.

A good edging plant or planted under trees in groups. Also good in pots.

It will grow to 30 cm high and 40 cm wide.

20 Young plants in 5cm pots

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Soleirolia soleirolii. Babys Tears
Soleirolia soleirolii. Babys Tears

25 x Soleirolia soleirolii. Babys Tears

Baby Tears is an easy care rapid growing ground cover which grows well between paving blocks or down walls.

Occasionally produces tiny white flowers.

Best in part shade, does not grow well in full sun or dry soil.

25 plants in 5cm pots