Garden Base: Garden Design Software

HortSoft Software for Horticulture and Plant Enthusiasts

GardenBase is an online garden design application which helps you in the planning, design and implementation of your garden design.

GardenBase is a combination of project management and exciting online design tools assist in the success of your landscape project. There is a 7 day free trial to allow you time to test the design software features.

Garden Planning

Plan your garden using the following tools : 

GardenBase Garden Design

Garden Design Tools

Turn your garden plans into designs using :  

  • Garden feature 
  • Function lists
  • Plant lists  
  • Space utliisation matrix
  • Reporting

Project Implementation

Implement the garden design with the aid of

  • Project Milestones
  • Project Task Lists
  • Material and plant lists
  • Task lists
  • Project reporting.


To keep things simple there is only one pricing level.  
A monthly fee of $15 which gives you access to all of the tools within the application.  There is a seven day free trial to allow you time to test the applications features .

Garden Base Screenshots