Our products GardenZone and GardenBase are web based garden management software. They assist in the design, planning maintenance of your garden projects and tasks.

GardenBase :
Landscape Design Application

Garden Base

Structured garden design. Helping create great gardens.

  •   Analyse your garden requirements
  •   Create a plant list
  •   Upload images
  •   Create a mood board
  •   Manage garden projects
  •   Print Reports

The GardenZone : Garden Management Software

GardenZone : Garden Management Software

So you can get more out of your time in the garden.

  • Create a garden diary
  • Upload images
  • Record garden issues
  • Define your garden areas
  • Create a plant list
  • Plan plant production
  • Record production batches.
  • Review production performance.
  • Record plant and animal sightings in your garden.
  • Record pest sightings and captures.