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GardenZone – Garden Management Software

GardenZone : Garden Management Software

The GardenZone garden management software brings together a group of gardening tools and services into one integrated product.

The focus of the GardenZone application is to help you can get more out of your time in the garden by improving planning and project execution.

GardenZone Garden Software Functions


  • Plan and execute garden projects.
  • Record your garden memories in a garden journal
  • Add images of your garden to your personal image library.

Bird and Animal Sightings

  • Define your gardens and create plant lists.

Pest Management

  • Record sightings of pests in your locality
  • Record captures and kills of garden pests such as rats, stoats and possums.

Plant Production

  • Create plant production plans
  • Record production batchs


Gardening Journal

Record activities

Image Manager

Upload images to keep as a visual record and use in other gardenzone functions.

Issues Manager

Record issues you come across to solve later.

Asset Management

Add plants to an asset list


Create Maintenance plans to keep a regular checks on your valuable assets

Fault Log

Record faults on your assets as you find them during maintenance checks. So they can be fixed at a later date

Pest Management


Keep a record of pests you capture such as rats. posums and stoats. Date, location and method

Pest List

Add species and images to the pest list which are unique to your location. 
Record date, type of trap, bait and location.

Review and Report

Report and view pest captures over time

Bird and Animal Sightings


Record sightings of birds, animals  and plants in your garden. Add images, location and date details.


Add new bird and plant species unique to your location. Add photos


Review bird activity in your garden over time.

Plant Production

Batch Production

Using the requirment information set up batches of plants and start dates. Record progress on the batches


Create production plans for the coming growing season.

Task Schedule

Set the schedule for the coming weeks and tick off as you complete the production tasks.

Production Requirements

Set up production requirements for your plants. Add growing areas used and weeks to produce


Review the past seasons production.

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