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Gardenia for the Tropical Garden

The scented flowers combined with the shiny green leaves are ideal for a sheltered tropical garden. Gardenia plants range from cpmpact ground covers to 1meter high shrubs. They can be pruned to size as required and can be transformed into an informal hedge if desired.

Gardenia ‘Professor Pucci’

Professor Pucci has double white scented flowers

Can grow from full sun to part shade.

Frost sensitive and doesnt like strong cold winds.

Can be used as a hedge or under taller trees.

where they can be used in hedging or as fillers under large trees.

It will grow to a height of 1.5m.

Gardenia veitchii

Gardenia veitchii has double white scented flowers . Known as a reliable flowerer.

Can grow from full sun to part shade, does best in fertile free-draining soil rich in organic matter

Gardenia radicans

Gardenia radicans produces double white scented flowers. Shiny green leaves on a prostrate growing plant getting to about 40cm tall and 80cm wide when mature.