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Coloured Phormium cookianum Flax

If you have a corner of your garden you want to add a bit of colour to or you wish to attract some birds to your garden then coloured phormium cookianum flaxes are a possible solution. Phormiums are hardy plants which will grow in a variety of soil types and once established are hardy to frost and strong winds.

Tuis love the nectar of the tubular flowers in summer and Rosellas will eat the seed in the autumn.

Phormium cookianum types have an arching growth habit compared to the strong vertical growth habit of phormium tenax so can be a good choice when space is at a premium.

Phormium cookianum Licorice and Lime

Phormium cookianum Licorice and LimeCompact attractive flax with a dark purple centre stripe and yellow edge stripes. It is a cookianum type so has an arching growth habit.

Tubular red flowers in summer on tall spikes.

Phormium ‘Taya’. (PVR)

Phormium Taya.A nice dark native flax with a burgundy coloured foliage which deepens as it ages. Under-leaves are a more silvery – black colour

It makes an excellent statement in the garden with the dark colour contrasting well in landscape plantings.