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The Garden Zone has the simple purpose of making your gardening an enjoyable experience! A cloud based, mobile - friendly application which works on mobile and desktop.

clean & clear

The design is simple and easy on the eye. The functions intuitive and easy to use.

Free to join

The introduction level is free to join and use. Click to register. The paid second level has some extra features. Read more .

multipurpose layout

The application will work on mobiles, tablets and laptop computers.

gardening groups / clubs

Garden clubs can join with members being able to share data between them.

The GardenZone Features

The Garden Zone has a variety of features split into two levels free and paid membership. Scroll down to view.

Level 2: Paid

Level two members have access to extra features.

Future Wish list

These are features that would be nice to add.

Garden Journal

The journal allows you to...

  • Record events in your garden.
  • Record history of a plant.
  • Add images.

Garden Projects

Plan and execute one off and repeating projects in your garden.

Sustainibility Management

Maximise resource use while producing food from your garden.

Garden and Plant Manager

Define the your gardens and the plants you wish to follow.

Knowledge Base

Add tips and lessons so you can reuse them in future years.

Event Management

Manage one off events. Invite others to register their interest and share in the event.

Garden Photos

Upload images and use them in different parts of the application.

Seed Organiser

The seed organise allows you to orgainse your seed collection.

  • allocate to their genus and species.
  • Record batch provenance and collection dates.
  • Conduct and record viability tests.

Nursery Manager

Plan and manage your plant propagation and potting.

Group and User Profile

Manage your subscription.

Problem Manager

Record garden problems and solutions. Add solutions to the knowkedge base for future reference.

User defined fields

Define your own status definition for events.


Our development schedule for 2016.

February 2016

Gardenzone website launched.
Click to register.

March 2016

Free Membership Added.
Click to register.

April 2016

Paid Membership Added

  • Free
  • Garden Journal
  • Garden and Plant Manager
  • Garden Photos
  • Group and User Profile
  • $0.00

    per month
  • Click to register.
  • Basic
  • Garden Design
  • Knowledge Base
  • Seed Organiser
  • Problem Manager
  • $7.99

    per month

About The GardenZone

The Garden Zone is designed to be a fun easy to use application It is cloud based and the front end is designed to work on any desktop and mobile devices. It would be nice to have a mobile app one day.

The Garden Zone is developed by HortSoft is sunny Auckland, New Zealand. It is hosted by Webdrive.

We woud like to upgrade to a dedicated cloud host and will do so if the demand requires it.

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The Garden Zone.

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