Manuka Tea Tree: Great for the Garden

Manuka (New Zealand Tea Tree) has the botanical name of Letpospermum scoparium. It is a native plant to New Zealand and is also common in Australia. It is closely related to Kanuka (kunzea ericoides) which is also native to New Zealand and Australia. Manuka come in a variety of colours from reds through to whites […]

Podocarpus totara ‘Matapouri Blue’

Podocarpus Matapouri Blue is an attractive grey – blue coloured selection which has attractive year round coloured leaves. Grows into a typical pyrimidial conifer shape which makes it useful for hedging. Can be easily trimmed to a required size. Naturally totara is a light grey green colour, and there is the less common form of […]

GardenBase : Landscape Design Process.

There are three stages in the landscape design process used in the GardenBase landscape software application. Landscape Project Planning Landscape Design Implementation Planning Phase This phase is where you decide the objectives and design framework for the garden landscape project  This is a process of analysis where the goals of the gardener/designer for the garden project are developed […]

Camellia Hedging Options

For a hedge which is reliable in colour and grows tidily a camellia sasanqua hedge is hard to look past. They have the added bonus that they flower reliably in autumn to winter giving colour to a garden when your summer flowering plants have finished their show. A Camellia sasanqua hedge will be available in […]

Lavender Hedging

Lavender is a plant traditionally used in formal european gardens, especially english, spanish and french. The well known Lavender dentata, known as French Lavender is very aromatic with typical lavender scent. A Lavender hedge makes a reliable, scented addition to your spring flowering garden Available this autumn are the following varieties. Lavandula stoechas ‘Alba’ (White […]